<![CDATA[Gamefreakz - Game Reviews]]>Sat, 13 Feb 2016 07:37:42 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Dragon Age Inquisition: Best RPG Ever Made Gone Wrong?]]>Thu, 15 Jan 2015 02:03:58 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/game-reviews/dragon-age-inquisition-best-rpg-ever-made-gone-wrongWhich rpg lovers doesn't get excited when dragon age inquisition came out? I for one could not stop my feet from running to the nearest game store, just to find it was sold out. I went to 3 others and called 2 more online stores, all sold out. God, i said. This game sold faster than a bag of potato chip!
Playing through the tutorials got me very excited. It was very beautiful in max settings with hbao full. After i finished with tuts and went to hinterland, i still was excited until other places openned up and then i realized it was basically the same gameplay with different background graphics.

Then after 10hours into the game, came the wave of disappointment.
Why in nether hells did Bioware destroyed such an amazing single player rpg game into a mmo style rpg?


I hate the camera especially. Not just during tactical view, but also during conversations and during normal gameplay.
On tactical view, it was not far enough and only go as far as the ceiling, so how the hell do you use it in caves? Sure there are cheats created by fans to change the camera in tactical view, but isn't that supposed to be in the developers agenda/brain?
I hate the 3rd person view during conversations, i can hardly see the face of the person i talked to. Makes me feel like playing a bad point n click adventure game with lazy ass developer that did not care to put in animations.
I also hate the camera during gameplay, in my opinion, the nearest zoom is too far from the character. Why can't Bioware relaxed the camera settings a bit, at least let people customize its settings by configuring the .ini setting file? They are so scared the game might get customized that even a simple config was written in basic programming language. Makes player unable to just open them in notepad and tweak by ourselves.
That camera was very poorly done, so poor that it made me wonder who tested the game? Didn't they complained/reported it? Because every sane rpg player would.

I thought with that many years and games bioware would learn their mistake during character creation but boy i was wrong. What is so difficult to give us good lighting during character creation so we can actually see properly the eye color, etc of our own character?

The control is horrible. It is obvious it was not created for PC. Or even if it was, it was for people who own xbox controller for PC. It's like microsoft and developers nowadays are pushing people subtlely to buy the xbox controller for PC considering how many great AAA games released with xbox type controls.
Why said 'PC version' when it is not configured optimally for keyboard n mouse?

I am also a bit disappointed with the facial animations. For such an amazing game that is next gen and people/gamers all over the world are so looking forward to, i would think that bioware would hire the best, if not decent animators. If these kind of work is ok for their standard, i am starting to question what else is considered ok for them.

Come to think of it, it is so not bioware. Aren't they are famous for their quality games like ME series? What is going on here, did EA bought the company got anything to do with it?
ME and even Dragon age 1 n 2 which was released earlier has better facial animations than this.
And to top it all, in my humble opinion, i am disappointed with the mmo style gameplay. I feel like playing Guild Wars 2 most of the time. It's not that GW2 is a bad game, it is a great game but it is mmo. DAI is not, and i was hoping it would be like any single player rpg. Picking up elfroot all the time is tiring.
Combat is even more horrible than Da2. People complained about Da2 combat system, but now compared to Dai, Da2 is actually not so bad.

The ridiculous amount of writings is also annoying. If i stop to read everytime, i bet i will never get out of hinterland after a month. Man, if i want to read a book, i'll read a book not play a game. Damn it.

Someone in the internet said: proof that bioware listened to fans: they add the tactical view like in Dragon Age Origins. Heck, i think that tactical view is just there for the sake of just being~there. It actually does nothing else important. Unlike Dao, Dai is obviously not created with a battle system requiring a tactical view. The monsters/enemies move around and some even jump around everywhere, characteristics of a real time combat system. it's actually quite difficult for me and my rogue to 'properly' flank an enemy. Also with the so many special effects, i got confused sometimes as which one is my rogue and most importantly where she is facing since i need to flank my enemy.

After all my complaint, i just want to voice my opinion about 'self-destroying' type of game developers. There are some developers that made a huge success with their first game and then self-destruct. They tried to be a smartass, smart being innovative or an ass. And in the end changed the gameplay so much it's horrible. I really don't understand what the problem is with these kind of developers. They made a game, and it was successful, people love it so much they are begging for more, but instead of giving them more of basically the same, they give more of totally different gameplay. Is it so difficult to just create more content but with the same gameplay? They should thank their luck that at first game people love the gameplay, so they do not need to come up and think hard and waste resources for a new gameplay. They could use those resources for something else instead. But nooo, they have to be 'smart' or an ass and create a new gameplay.

I think these self destructing developers are such a fool they just don't get it. People already love your first game (DAO), what they want is just more of about the same game but with different content and stories.

Now after putting 1month worth of time into the game, i think the game have some amazing qualities. Especially the graphics. They did an amazing job with the graphics. Every single map has different design, texture, and layout! Every single caves, every single house, every single mansions have their own design. This is amazing for an rpg game as huge as this!
I take my word back for calling Bioware lazy ass developer. They are definitely not lazy, just the animators that sucks so bad, and the 3rd person camera view during conversation is a horrible idea. We cannot see their faces properly because of this.

But i must admit, those are tons and tons of textures! Unlike other rpgs that has a huge level, dai put a lot of work into making each area unique. Most rpg would just reuse same textures over and over again just with different item and interior placement. Especially caves, dungeons, mansions and fortresses. You can find 10 dungeons with the exact same textures. With games like these, i usually get bored by the time i reached lvl 40. Even with all those mods, it is still boring-to-the-max seeing the same thing over and over and over again, entering the same cave, the same dungeon over and over. What is worse, not just the textures are the same, even the layout is the same!
That after entering 30 dungeons i know how to navigate without a map, what is on the left,what is on the right, where is the enemy going to be, etc, it became very boring since it has lost it's surprise effect.
With dai, you will never get bored. No matter where you go all you see is new, different layouts and textures. It amazes me. They really do put in a lot of work into the art department. Creating all those different levels is no easy task.

Argh what a pity, if only they hired better animators and the game designer made more talking npc with close-up view quests rather than just a reading text thrown about everywhere all over the map marked as quests. They should've put less work on the writings and more work into talking npc, and facial animations.

Less meaningless side quests, but only a handful of sidequests with story and animations that gamers can actively interract and make decisions instead of just passively doing it.
Heck, there was even no one to get more information from since the quests were either given by a dead npc or by some unknown has never met before npc and will never meet, or by some non existent npc, or by a 'seemed accidental' leftover letter of a dunno who~whom i also have no idea whether said npc still alive or dead.

Oh and did i mentioned all of those quests i mentioned above are on a piece of paper? A letter beside a dead body = quest, a letter on an empty house = quest, a letter on a campfire full of demons = quest, a letter under a tree in the middle of nowhere = quest, and so on. Endlessly written letters that magically becomes so noteworthy to follow, so it becomes a quest.

Well, to conclude, Dai is still a nice game (since i am a fan, and it's better than nothing, or maybe i am a victim of dai hype and hoping for the best), with beautiful beautiful graphics, superb voice acting and nice music. Also nice storyline.

But it just could have been better, much much better for a next gen AAA game with huge budget, and one of the most looked forward to game.

Damn, it could have been one of the greatest game ever made! If only they could just stop trying to be smart asses.
<![CDATA[CSI]]>Fri, 20 Nov 2009 07:33:01 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/game-reviews/csiNEW YORK
Adventure Hidden Object Game (HOG)
Point and Click
Cartoon First Person
by Legacy Interactive
Published by Ubisoft
Year 2008
Total Satisfaction: 85%

Big Fish Games are popular for its hidden object games, CSI NY can be found there as well. When this game first hit the street, i was excited as hell. Another CSI GAME! I am a super huge fan of the CSI Game. I cannot wait to lay my fingers on them.

But when i played it, starting from the introduction, it surprised me. How come it is in cartoon style? And what is this hidden object game thing inside the CSI game? This has never happened before!

I somewhat cannot accept the CSI NY as another of the CSI Series games. I can accept it as another one of those Big Fish HOG games.

Those HOG games often have a really appealing titles, such as the lost case of sherlock holmes, women's murder club, and so on.

I admit that the storyline is nice, but i don't really like HOG games. To fully enjoy it, no. Just to spend a little free time when there is nothing else to do, yes.

HOG games are not stressful since i can skip any puzzles or mini games that i don't feel like doing. And there are hints on how to solve the Hidden objects in case i cannot find it. The only thing that gets tired is my eyes.

This game is not bad, though. I think it is the best HOG out there that i have ever played. So if there is any better HOG, i do not know it yet.

I got some other HOGS in my computer such as the Women's murder club and The Devil's Triangle, which need to wait in line before they are published in here.

More about CSI, i still remember how they first came out, they were developed by 369 interactive, and then Telltale games also made some of the newer series. I still like the design of 369 interactive rather than the Telltale Games design. The Telltale games design looked somewhat more cold, almost no warm color, looked dark, and the characters somewhat looked out of proportion and cartoon like.

This is a crime game, i expect the character to look as real as possible. And the scene to be bright! How the hell am i supposed to look for clues on a dark scene?

Also there are some places where i can go or zoom, but there is nothing in it. Nothing important at all. So why the hell it was designed to zoomed for? It just doesn't make sense!

Oh please, give that project back to 369 interactive, will you? They do a much better job, and make the game a HELL MUCH BETTER!
<![CDATA[Sherlock Holmes]]>Fri, 20 Nov 2009 07:03:41 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/game-reviews/sherlock-holmes


Adventure game
Point and click (mouse) or WSAD (keyboard) and or both
3D First Person
by Frogwares
Published by: The Adventure Company
Year 2007
Total Satisfaction: 70%

"Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis almost certainly isn't the game you expect, especially if you're hoping for a battle of wits between Holmes and archenemy Professor Moriarty. Standing in for Moriarty with the master detective is Arsene Lupin, a French thief who starred in a series of popular novels written by Maurice Leblanc in the late 19th century. Lupin remains a hugely popular literary figure in France, but this combo of characters lacks the punch of the Holmes-Moriarty showdown that the title suggests. Where we could have had a titanic battle of wits, we instead get a somewhat going-through-the-motions story where Holmes plays Batman to Lupin's Riddler, as well as puzzles that are too grueling to solve without immense reserves of patience and access to an online walkthrough."
quoted from Game Spot

Well, i agree 100%. Even a gamer said online on game reviews website that Even Sherlock Holmes himself would need a walkthrough to go through the puzzles in this game!

I wished this game is not as what it is now, but more like an adventure game, instead of a crazy puzzle solving adventure game. It really spoiled everything.

The puzzles are too difficult and impossible to solve without any help. There are no any other intention in the game rather than following clues from Lupin and solving puzzles.

If you like challenge, and real brain tweaking puzzle challenge, this is just the game for you. But it is definitely not for me. I wanted some adventure game with great stories and graphics and musics and relaxing. This game is nothing but stressing me out.

So i decided to quit even before i ended it.

The graphics are OK, with classical concert music in the background.

The style is pretty much the same like the game Dracula Origin. From the inventory style, to the journal and the music. The only difference is the movement. Even the game play is almost similar. solving puzzles, no others.

The vocal talent who voiced Holmes seemed to be able to picture Holmes well. He sounded real calm through out all situations. I cannot hear any excitement at all in his voice. Very calm indeed.

The musics are sometimes too loud, not because of the volume, but the music itself. Burning my ears.

I regret that this game is just a stupid puzzle games. While actually with the story line idea, they can make it into something else more interesting!

When i played The Awakened, i was kinda disappointed. I should have learned my lesson but i decided to give it another try. I also got Sherlock Holmes Jack the Ripper waiting in line...i guess i will give it a try...when i have a stronger will to have some challenge and able to bear the stress...

<![CDATA[Nancy Drew]]>Fri, 13 Nov 2009 09:01:50 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/game-reviews/nancy-drew3

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

Point and click adventure
first person view
by Her interactive
Total Satisfaction: 86%

The title of this game is so appealing to me since i LOVEEE wolf, and dogs..., of course. I always dreamed of having a wolf dog mix as a pet. I saw their puppies and grown up huskie wolf mix on the net and they looked soooo damn cool!

The white wolf, Isis, is so damn clever! I will kill to be able to own that kind of pet! She can do several commands in one instruction! Imagine that! She can go forward, left, right, turn around, even to paw things with her paw!

I wish my dog can bring me my sandals, open the door, bring his own food bowl to the kitchen, can take this own bath, can go downstairs to pee and poop and go back upstairs immediately without wandering around and without any supervision, can travel with me to work, or even can make his own meal, can help me do housework, can throw the garbage and go to carrefour, can...ahh..forget it..sorry...my imagination go wild out of control...ahahah

S this is nothing but another great game of Nancy Drew! Well, what can i say?
In this game, the designer smartly made me do the house chore on certain time, keeping me busy and prolong the game since i cannot go out due to the harsh winter condition at night time. Meaning i have only a small amount of time to venture outside. And with the time feature, maybe i have only been playing it for half a day in real time, but it feel like a long time has passed since it is already 3 days in the game world time.

There is also some audio glitch in this game just like The haunting of castle malloy, where the sentences did not flow nicely and smoothly. Or is it my sound card?

What hinder me on being fully satisfied with this game is the ending mini game where i have to play this goose and fox and i have to win this game 3 times. If i don't then i won't be able to end the game! This is like forcing me to play that game. And i don't really like that game! What if i cannot win? Which i can't! So i terminate the game and uninstalled it.

I might be able to win if i spend more time, perhaps more more more time...but i don't have the interest, the will nor the time!

However, i can never say that Nancy Drew is a bad game! NEVER! It just surprised me when i mentioned this game to this supposedly famous game designer and he actually told me he has never heard of Nancy Drew game before!

Man, where do you live? on Earth?
<![CDATA[Nancy Drew]]>Fri, 13 Nov 2009 08:42:30 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/game-reviews/nancy-drew2

The Haunting of Castle Malloy

Point and click adventure
First person view
As usual, the Nancy Drew game always has the same gameplay, even if there is any change, it only changes slightly to give some variety.

For example, usually Bes and George, Nancy's bestfriends, and Ned, Nancy's boyfriend are the one who always give some hints for Nancy. But this time, there is a fortune telling machine inside the castle that can give Nancy some hints.

Instead of using the cellphone, Nancy has to use the public phone, Nancy's diary is divided into several topics such as 'observation' 'suspect' 'clues', etc instead of being written as one story.

The puzzles in this game is too much, in my opinion. I start to feel that Nancy Drew is moving towards the puzzle solving genre instead of the adventure genre. Or was it always like this?

I start to forget since i have not play Nancy Drew for a long time. But even that does not make me loose my fun playing it. Nancy Drew has always been a great game to play. Although i must admit that the puzzles are quite hard sometimes, and i need a walkthrough to solve it.

Even with the hints given in the game, some puzzles or mini games just need a walkthrough to be able to solve it. The hints does not tell me the details but only what i should do next.

I am a bit surprised to hear some vocals were not compiled nicely enough. It was cut too soon before the next sentence.

This has never happen before in a Nancy Drew game.

As for the characters and character animation, ever since the Skull game, Nancy drew characters, especially their animation has improved tremendously. I even recommend the skull game of Nancy Drew for character animation study!
<![CDATA[LOST the video game]]>Sun, 08 Nov 2009 15:49:05 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/game-reviews/lost-the-video-game


Action adventure
wsad (keyboard) and mouse
Third person view
Released year 2008
by Ubisoft
Total satisfaction: 95%

Wow wow wow, i hold all my thumbs including the ones on my feet for Xavier Rang, the character modeler. This guy is a genius, a super talented character artist! When you looked at the characters you will see what i mean.

They looked so alive, so real, the textures, but especially the modeling, and when they talk, i can see their tongue and their nostril moves! It is really the most natural facial  animation possible for computer games! If only Overclocked's character was modeled by this guy, then it will be a great game!

I thought that the attempt made by people in the game industry to make their characters look as alive as possible is impossible, but now, after what i have seen from the creation of xavier in Lost, i am not pessimist anymore. I think they can do it! A whole new generation of gaming will emerge!

The game itself is not so bad, with lots of action here and there from running, jumping, to hiding, shooting and taking photos of certain items.

The idea of a lost and amnesia journalist who recover his memory slowly by taking photos of certain items that can trigger his flashback or even taking photos in the flashback itself is a great idea. The flashback is in black and white and blurry, but after i took the correct photo then it becomes clear with color.

The actions are quite the same thing from the beginning to the end of the game, running away from the dark monster and from people shooting.

There is also the cave, where i have to venture in it and make sure my torch keep on lit. The cave game is also the same throughout the game.

The fuse puzzles are also the same throughout the game.

From these i can see that the 'in game games' are all the same thing. No variations.

The characters, i don't have to elaborate again how great they are, when they speak, the facial animation totally reflects their emotions. The body animation was also done really well.

This game is perfect for character modeling, texturing and animation study.

The vocal and audio guys did a great job too. No mistakes at all.

The environmental is mostly jungle and beach, cave, metal dungeon, but also done nicely.

What can be improved the most is the inventory system. Its not just that it is limited, but the kind of items is also very limited. A lot of items can be used for trading purposes, but that is all. The only difference is on their type and value. But they do not have any other use. It will be nice if my main character can get hungry and thirsty. Considering that is the main thing for people who get lost, then finding food will be essential.But in this game my character never gets hungry or thirsty. So collecting coconuts or water bottle is of no other use but for trading it for items like oil for the lantern, guns, torch, gun refill,etc.

The only items that i can use is my camera, the lantern or torch for lighting, the gun, that's it. So you can see here no interaction with other objects at all.

If only not because of the amazing characters, this game will be a boring and bad bad bad game.
Yeah, not the game designer who saved this game, but the character artist.

The story is nice, very interesting and exciting.

This game makes me excited as well because of those actions in it. The excitement really keeps me awake!
<![CDATA[Art of Murder]]>Fri, 06 Nov 2009 17:35:18 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/game-reviews/art-of-murder

Hunt for the Puppeteer

Adventure game point and click
Third Person view
By City Interactive
Total Satisfaction: 80%

This game is a classic crime mystery adventure game. Just like the first Art of Murder, it does not change at all in its gameplay.

What i think is not right is the connection between the introduction cinematics and the very beginning of the game. Suddenly out of nowhere i am already on a murder scene...in Paris!

It really did not connect very well with the introduction scene. The main character looked so much like a mannequin instead of a character or a 3D character, don't even mention it as near to being a person.

When the characters talk, they only open and close their mouth, with no A or O shape and even worse, they keep on opening and closing their mouth after the sentence is done.

The story itself originally is not a bad idea. The environment graphic design is beautiful, as always. Simple inventory system with close up 3D view when i clicked on the objects.

Vocal talents are good. Nice music. I like the music. This game is so ordinary, real classic. It is not a bad game, but not a great game either. Nice to play, but does not make me looking forward to it.

The quests are not hard and quite logical. The main character will never take an object laying about before she found an idea of what to use it for? Some games allowed me to take ALL the available objects and sometimes it took me to half of the game before i can use it, sometimes it is not even used until the game has ended.

The idea of not taking just any objects before the gamer found a way to use it for is a great idea.

This game can seriously be upgraded. I am looking forward to Art of Murder 3. I hope it will be much better!
<![CDATA[Next Life]]>Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:40:04 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/game-reviews/next-life
Adventure game
Point and click
Third Person view
by Future Games
Year released: 2007
Published by The Adventure Company
Total satisfaction: 72%

When i flipped the back of this game casing, i saw it is written there that the creator of Nibiru and Black Mirror is behind this game. My heart jumped with enthusiasm. Oh my Goodness! Black Mirror was such a great game and it still is! Nibiru is a great game too! So what happen if two lion is in the same den? Disaster!

Next life is NOTHING compared to the success of Black Mirror or the greatness of Nibiru.
The only thing that excel in this game is the NPCs that moves around the area, it made the feeling or effect that i was bumping into them and not knowing where they would be. In some other games, usually the characters will just stay in one place so i know where to go to find them. I actually bumped into some characters while they were taking a bath, and while they were using the toilet in this game. It is a superb idea! This setting should have been used on Agatha Christie games. Especially for the game evil under the sun. It will be great.

The main character, Adam, is the most negative and annoying computer game main character i have ever seen. He is so annoying, always saying negative things throughout the game such as 'Oh! I wont make it! I will die!' ' I cannot do it!' and so on. He also did not care if he sees someone dies inside the game, sprawling in front of him and he will just go on saying' Oh, he dies.., that's too bad' and walks away without even checking or examining the dead person's body. Or at least squat nearby to look closer. No,  he just walked away. He also did not seem to make any sense when there is an emergency situation with a time limit and he just walks whenever he goes. Even if i double clicked to skip the area, he still walks. Making him run automatically would make it look more real and intense on those situations.

The vocal talents are somewhat not nice...with weird accents. All of them! All of the characters has a weird accent.

Misspelling in a computer game i think is really not forgive able.
They spelled thief as theif and hoped people to love their game. Not to mention some words are different with the subtitles. What is going on here?

The story is OK, it was a great idea, but they failed to picture it out.

The NPCs also has facial and body animation whenever they talk. It is good. Although it can still be improved. The characters did not really mouthed the words correctly. I suppose this is because the game is not originally in English? And the localization process does not include changing the whole character animations. But i sure hope those characters can open their mouth a little bit bigger. Who talks with their mouth slightly open like that? I heard some people in Chicago does, but perhaps not ALL does that.

Music is Ok. The environment graphics is OK. Inventory system is Ok.

I guess what makes this game becomes so bad is the dialogs. The dialogs and comments made by the main characters and the NPCs are so badly written, it can be nominated as one of the worst written dialogs in the computer gaming history. When Adam talks to the other characters, it is only in a very short conversation. It looked more like a small 'hi' talk rather than a real conversation. Don't want to suggest discussion here.

Adam walks fine, the others walks fine. In term of characters, the character artist and animator did a great job.

In the game, every chapter will have a different view from the same area. So the perspective is changed, or the angle is changed but it is still the same area. It is quite confusing but it is a superb trick since the gameplay required me to go around the area all over again and again in every chapter. This idea should be implemented in Agatha Christie games. Then it will be really superb.

What annoys me the most in the game is the fact that i have to climb a lot of cliffs. Is this an adventure game or a Tomb Rider action game? And what is even more stupid is the fact that this is a point and click game! They made me click like 30 times before i managed to get to the top of the cliff.

The mini games are very annoying as well and not a great mini game. Mini games should serve its purpose to make me feel relaxed and get out of the real game for awhile. Not to make me feel even more stressed out!

The energy bar is also a stupid idea. Adam has to drink and eat to refill his energy bar. It really does not serve its purpose in the game. Its just wasting my time, and it goes down too quickly. Sometimes the energy bar can go up to full by doing things such as drinking water fall water, drinking creek water or river, and it can go up slightly as well if i use the toilet. I mean if Adam uses the toilet. Not me. But still that just does not make sense! I tried to let my energy bar dropped until zero. Adam did not die, but he just refused to do heavy tasks such as carrying or lifting big rocks. With only water and a package of cookies, i think everybody in that island should be skinny. So where does Dorothy, the fat African American got her extra fat from?

I can die in this game, and there are some emergencies that require my swift action and quick thinking. I like that kinda of challenge. Next Life is a mix of adventure and tomb rider and The emergency game. The total hour of gameplay is quite long. Too bad they did not do it so well.

It just surprised me a lot and made me a little disappointed. How come two talented people who could make Black Mirror and Nibiru messed this up?

I guess it is always right what they say, two lions can never share the same den.


<![CDATA[Dracula Origin]]>Mon, 26 Oct 2009 07:58:17 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/game-reviews/dracula-origin
Adventure game point and click
Third Person view
by Frogwares
Published by The Adventure Company
Total Satisfaction: 89%

This game really excel at its graphic and cinematics quality. The environment is so beautiful and stunning.
I must say that professor Van Helsing looked like a vampire himself!

Although this game is said to be based on the book Dracula by Bram Stoker, but the story inside this game is not exactly made like the story in the book. I have read the book and it is very different with the story in this game.

What amazes me the most is the beautiful and stunning graphics. There is a storyline in the game, but then there aren't much interaction with other characters, nor conversation. The idea of the gameplay is more focused on solving puzzles to make the story advance.

The puzzles are not annoying or difficult. It is more like a brain teasing game. Logical things, quite enjoyable to pass the time.

Music is nice, the vocal talent is fine, but then there are so many objects and actions that has repetitive audio description. Such as: Its perfect! I think this sentence is repeated more than 20 times inside the game.

Even though this is an adventure game, i still think that this game can be categorized as puzzle solving adventure game more than an adventure adventure game. If you know what i mean.

The characters were made beautifully, including the dracula and his demonic girlfriends. Van helsing also walked nicely, not zombie like walk.

The cinematics are beautiful, i can see the expressions on their faces. It's just great and beautiful!

The journal system really helps a lot.

The inventory system confused me a little bit sometimes. Because i gotten used to pick an item from the inventory if i wanted to interact it with other objects on the screen, and then drag or bring the object out from the inventory to the screen. But in this game i cannot do that. I don't have to do that. I can just roll the middle wheel on my mouse and then the inventory will show its object one by one. By rolling up and down, it will show the next and previous object.

Nowadays there are so many Draculas out there! I cannot tell you how irritating it is for me to see that those new so called best selling books are about vampires and draculas, as if no other things more exciting than having a vampire as your boyfriend!

They pictured vamps as the rich and handsome and beautiful. What the heck is this? It's as if the vamps and demons are advertising themselves to human ladies, telling the females to date them and be their devoted life mate. In other words, telling them to sell their souls to the demon and make demonic children to this world! EUWWW!

Man! This is sick!

Sorry, i am out of topic here, so back to the game, if you want to play this game, i think it is not bad, especially for those who appreciate beautiful graphics.

Don't worry about it being a horror adventure though, there is no scene where i have to fight off dracula at all, except for the ending, and it was done automatically. So no gory fighting with vamps. It is not scary, except i suggest do not eat while playing. With the buckets of blood everywhere, sometimes it is disgusting and make my stomach turn.

Keep on Playing!
<![CDATA[Murder at The Abbey]]>Fri, 23 Oct 2009 18:38:31 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/game-reviews/murder-at-the-abbey

Murder at The Abbey

A comic style point and click adventure
Third Person view
by Crimson Cow
Total Satisfaction: 89%

This game points out its story more than its puzzles or object combining.

Mainly to further into the story i just had to talk to the other characters. Of course there are some things that i had to do, using the objects with another objects, but all still within the logical boundary. Nothing too strange. Some adventure games really does have a strange way of solving problems...which at least i would have never thought of ...

The graphics in this game is cartoonish style, although not very beautifully made, but it reflects the simplicity of the abbey and the monks living in it.

The audio guys did some serious mistakes, i do not know what happen here, is it because there is some conflicts when i installed the game, but some of the words spoken does not match the subtitles, and some does not even have any voice at all, where there should have been a voice talking.

The characters are well presented. They have their personality and characteristic. I love the old man, who pretended to be senile and has a screw loose, while actually he is perfectly normal! Ha ha ha

Most of the dialogs are quite long. But it is not as boring as the game The Vampyre Story. The dialogs are still bear able since it reveals the mystery within, not just some stupid talk or comments like those in The Vampyre story.

The background of the story is quite common, though, occultism, Christ, Church and the devil rising. I wonder how many adventure games has this kind of story as their base for a game! What is happening here? Is this the signs that the end of the world is near?

Music is nice, i like it. It is calm and nice, with an exciting essence on it sometimes depending on the situation in the game. But i like this kind of music, something like the Sims 2 kinda of music before they put disco and house in it.

Talking about Sims 2, Sims 3 is out there already! I should make the review soon. I played it already but still haven't got the time to write the review. Actually there are so many games that i have already finished playing and still haven't got the chance to put it in here! There must be hundreds of them if i wanted to write each and every game i played in my whole life!

Altogether this isn't a bad game. The puzzles are not difficult, the problems are not difficult either, since like i said it is pretty much depended on the story, and because there aren't that many areas to cover, it makes it even easier. Also, in each area, there are only several items that i can see or interact. This really simplifies a lot and saves me lots of trouble trying to combine each objects with thousand of objects in the scene whenever i am stuck. (Usually if this happened, i just go to www.gameboomers.com and look at the walkthrough, saves me time and stress)

The inventory system is a bit strange. The items that i managed to collect where saved in a place inside the inventory. The place is definite. So i cannot move the items into another box in the inventory. I  had to move my cursor up and then the inventory will fall into the screen in a form of church like window.

For the movement, the monk cannot run at all. He walks and merely walks. Luckily i can use the double click skip area feature. Or else i will die from boredom watching him walk slowly to the other end all the time.

What i like about this game is the fact that my main character has a companion. I found from several other games that i played, having a companion by your side even though it is a dog who can talk, is actually nice. And strangely enough lessen my feeling of loneliness and stress. I guess it is always nice to have other character nearby although it is only in a game. This must have got something to do with human psychology. Good move!