<![CDATA[Gamefreakz - Mae\'s Thoughts]]>Sat, 13 Feb 2016 07:32:38 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[TV Series I Like]]>Wed, 29 Apr 2015 02:59:37 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/maes-thoughts/tv-series-i-like1. The tudors: Top notch!
2. Game of thrones: EPIC
3. The borgias: Twisted
4. Spartacus: Sexy and violent
5. Rome: violent and intriguing
6. Da vinci demons: interesting characters
7. The vampire diaries: love damon n the story..before abandoning the show completely starting season 5 when the originals left..boring.
8. True blood: Dark and Eric northman
9. Salem: evil satanic witch
10. Vikings: fearless warriors, lagertha is my inspiration
11. Nobunaga concerto: comical
12. Boys before flowers: like one of the character's calm personality, and the main character. Otherwise its a korean bullshit they call love.
<![CDATA[My Newest Rig]]>Wed, 25 Feb 2015 03:27:08 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/maes-thoughts/my-newest-rigPC 2
CPU: Intel i5 4690
GPU: ATI Radeon R9 3gb
Motherboard: Asus pro gamer H97
Memory: Corsair vengeance 8gb x 2
Harddisk: Seagate Sata 1tb
PSU: Thermaltake 600w
Casing: Dazumba plus 7 fans, bottom PSU, cable management
DVDROM: Asus dvd rw and external sony dvd rw
Keyboard: Razor Blackwidow
Mouse: Razor Naga 2013
Headphone: Steelseries plus usb soundcard
Monitor: multiple, TV Sony Bravia wide screen HDMI and Sony xblack
Speakers: Creative 7.1
OS: Windows 7 home premium 64bit
Built: 2014

PC 1
CPU: Intel pentium quadcore 2.8ghz
GPU: Ati radeon HD4870
Motherboard: Asus
Memory: Kingstone 4gb
HDD: Samsung 150gb, Seagate 500gb
PSU: chinese brand
Casing: normal mid tower
DVDROM: Asus dvdrw and external sony dvd rw
Keyboard: Zboard
Mouse: Razor
Headphone: Steelseries plus usb soundcard
Monitor: Sony xblack
Speakers: Creative 7.1
OS: Win xp 32bit
Built: 2009
<![CDATA[My Favorite Movies And TV Series Of All Time]]>Sun, 25 Jan 2015 03:42:25 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/maes-thoughts/my-favorite-movies-and-tv-series-of-all-time1. Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie 1,2 ,3
I love it so much i can watch it over and over and over again. Love the cool kendo moves and agility of Kenshin. Satoh portrayed Kenshin really well although a pity he couldn't get rid of those 2 moles on his
face considering kenshin got no damn moles!

2. How To Train A Dragon 1
Love the dragon character in this movie, especially the part where hiccup just caught toothless and about to get to know him.
Awww just loving ittttt. I want to have a pet dragonnn like toothless too!!!

3. The Truth About Cats And Dogs 1
I also love this movie so much i can rewatch over and over again. I especially love the facial animations of the animals. Considering the year this movie was released, the facial animations were great and high end, still are great up until now in 2014.

4. Sherlock Holmes BBC UK Version
I love the sherlock character in this mini movie-like series. I have a thing with smart guys, and sher is a handsome genius with those high cheekbones, just loving it.

<![CDATA[Death Of A Human]]>Fri, 09 Jan 2015 01:28:01 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/maes-thoughts/death-of-a-humanBefore you ever experienced death in the family or death of someone you know that is close to you, you will not really know the meaning of valueing another person.

A person's life is unpredictable. Anyone can die at any moment, including you and me. It is true what they say: "Treat your day as your last day everyday.." because you will never know when that time comes.

And do not waste your time hating another, because when that person passed away, you will loose all and every chance of making up. Even if you cry your eyes out, it is unreversible, nothing, nothing in the world can change that.

Spend as much time as you can with the people you love, stop wasting useless time too much working your ass off, it is useless to have too much money, really. You cannot bring them to your death.

You are as naked as when you were born when you die, just a soul.

So it is true what Jesus said in the bible, you know, i think He is too wise for normal human like us to understand everything He said. He must have an IQ of 300.

He said not to worry about world materials: money. Damn, its true. You cant bring any of them when you die, only your deeds.

He said one day problem is enough for a day...,well, i think because you never know if you still live next day.So why worry?

If you think because you are young then you will still have long to live? You are wrong. Many young people died by accident.
You really never know when is your time coming.

Its true again what He said: God will come like a thief in the night..., be aware at all times lest your master comes home to the servant, light your candle always lest your groom comes to pick you up...

<![CDATA[Indonesian dating ruleĀ ]]>Mon, 30 Nov -0001 08:00:00 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/maes-thoughts/indonesian-dating-ruleThe  most  common  mistake  non  indonesian  guys  make:
Case example:

Non Indo guy: "You cheated on me. You went on a date with another guy. I am angry with you (and jealous but i will never admit to that).

Indo girl: "What do you mean?"

Non Indo guy: "I thought we are together. we are very close!"

Indo girl: "You never made your claim."

Non Indo guy: "What are you talking about?"

Indo girl: "What are YOU talking about?"

Non Indo guy: "So all these months my efforts was for nothing?"

Indo girl :"So all these months i was waiting for you (to have some balls and made your claim) was for nothing?"

Non Indo guy: "Wtf are you talking about?"

Indo girl: "Wtf are YOU talking about?"

the  indonesian  dating  rule

In Indonesia any girl can go on dates with anyone she wants when she is single and no guy close to her has made his claim that she is his girl.
Dating in Indonesia is very innocent, in general a normal date is just going to eat dinner, lunch, coffee or watching a movie. And no touching. No holding hands, no hugging, no kissing. So obviously no sex.

Only the boyfriend have these rights. And Indonesian girls in general will never make the first move, such as kissing a guy first. Especially on first dates and the dates after until they are together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

To be together just being close is not enough. The guy MUST make his claim and ask her formally. It is called "nembak" the girl in Indonesian slank language. In English it means "to shoot", it does not make sense, but all Indonesian knows the meaning of this. It means the guy has make the move to make his claim. If the girl say yes then they are together. And she lost all rights to go on dates with any other guys.

If he never made his claim, then no matter how close, they are considered as friends, nothing more. So the girl can go on dates with any other guys and be close with any other guys. No matter how close that guy have no rights to be angry or to tell her not to be close with other guys. This will sound scarily possessive.

In most cases, no Indonesian guys will drag the 'pdkt' (the getting to know each other period) for a long time, because eventually there will be some other guys want to make his claim and snatch the girl away.

Waiting for long period of time before making a claim will make the girl think you are just playing around and not serious. Or worse, you are not a man and got no balls.

So if you decided to make a move on an Indonesian girl, remember my tips. Make your claim! Do not be afraid. Indonesian girls are very friendly. Even if she rejects your claim, you can retry again and again.

Some guys who really like a girl will even try to make his claim over 10 times and still rejected 10 times. Its just the way it goes in Indonesia.

Good luck!

<![CDATA[The kind of guy i want to marry]]>Mon, 30 Nov -0001 08:00:00 GMThttp://iplaygame.weebly.com/maes-thoughts/the-kind-of-guy-i-want-to-marry

Once i asked my bestfriend when he married his girl after dating her for two weeks,"Bro, you married her after just 2weeks of dating? Why did you do that? That is crazy, man."

And he answered,"No, it is not crazy when you already know what you want and what is it you are looking for. So when you have found that person you immediately know you have found the one."

That got me thinking for a long time. I think hard of what i want and what i am looking for in my life partner, and i have found the answer.

I want a guy that shares my passion in arts and music. I want a guy that makes great artworks and makes arts as his job. The talent in a guy is his inner beauty.

To me money is not very important. As long he is responsible, can feed me and put roof on top of my head is enough for me. Since i am a woman with petite body and limited energy i know my limits. I cannot work and take care of family both equally well at the same time. I prefer family than work. So he must be man enough to provide for the family.

I realized something very important when my mom passed away. She worked very hard daily day and night when she was alive. But when i looked at her laying there in the coffin with all her expensive bags and clothings beside her, i realized she brought nothing with her on her death. All those expensive things were just to be burned with her. She could not wear them or took them with her. She brought nothing, just like when she was born with nothing.

So this made me realize money is not that important. When you are dead, what is left of you is just the memories, none of your things really mattered to those people who loved you. Only relationships and memories of you that lasts forever in the hearts.

Because of this i also realized spending time with the people you love and care about is more important than wasting time fighting and arguing. Fights and arguments are small insignificant futile things in a mature relationship. I don't get angry more than 24hours in most cases because those are what i think about in life. I deeply hope to find a guy with this same level of maturity and forgiveness.

I am born to be mischievous and curious girl. Patience, is number one quality i want from a guy beside loyalty.

I expect loyalty because i give my utmost loyalty in return. I am a very loyal person to my man. I take this very seriously. Not just as 'what is to be expected when you are in a relationship' but because it is my 'life principle' and it is 'sewed to my bones.'

Honesty. Honestly, i can take almost anything, i am quite tough. Just be honest, and we can handle it together. I will support you as your pillar. Don't play the hero because we are only human. This is what i think.

Funny. I like to joke. This is one of the most important quality i want from a man. If he is always serious i will die on first date.

Lead but not dictator and i will follow. I am frustrated and confused if the man lets me do whatever i want even when it is bad. As bad as wanting to jump off the roof to the pool bad.

Respect my privacy and freedom. As i respect his freedom to hangout with his friends and how he spend his time.

Physically i like tall man, at least 172cm never less than that. Any shorter and its not attractive :D

Amazing laughs. Come on, i like to joke. Of course he must have amazing laughs. Because he might laugh all the time.

Broad shoulders, so i can borrow to sleep and carry my electric guitar. :D

Not fat but not thin. I don't like too much muscles, not attractive at all.

Nice voice is good, so i can listen to him all day long. Doesn't matter what he says.

Live in the present, think for the future.

I never care of what was done in the past, because the past is the past. People make mistake but we learn and we move on. I don't care about his past and i don't like to mention the past. If he still brings up a mistake i did last year, i will run away and never look back. It is just too scary, this kind of guy is full of bitterness and absolutely not for me. I hate negativity.

Communicate. Communicate.

I prefer guys who keep quiet when angry but talks after has cooled down than saying things that hurts and apologized after. Because sometimes i am overflowed with emotions when angry and will say stupid things. No need two of us.

Trust. I like to be trusted. Because i am very loyal, there is no need for doubts or jealousy. As i trust him too. Being distrustful and jealous to me is the most stupid thing a man i love can do. It just shows how much he knows me. Which is very little or none at all.

I like guys who keeps his words and not bullshits all the time. To me guys who keep his words are manly and to be respected.

Last of all, is respect. He must earn my respect naturally not forcefully. I need this badly. I must respect my man or all hell breaks loose. If i don't respect him, it is difficult for me to do anything else like to make him happy and content. Cook for him, support him, follow his lead, etc. Because i simply don't follow anyone who i think is below me not above me. It is simple hierarchy system.

To gain respect first he must prove that he is a man. Does not have to be hard and like a tyrant. I like gentle man. But not gay of course. The rest must come naturally. His actions and how he live his life is usually proof enough for me. This cannot be explained by words as it is something gained not said.